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Solve puzzles and riddles by creating your own stories.

Storyteller is a friendly puzzle game in which, in the blink of an eye, we can build our own stories. Simply choose a title, setting, and characters and be amazed as your whimsical tale comes to life. Developed by Daniel Benmergui (Fidel Dungeon Rescue) and distributed by Annapurna Interactive (Stray), Storyteller uses visual language to offer you endless challenging levels where your goal will be to create a story that fits the title. Unique like few others, Storyteller provides a surprising and hilarious gaming experience that will not only make you enjoy solving complex puzzles but also unleash your imagination to create your own adventures. Would you like to know more?

Become a storyteller

The gameplay of Storyteller can only be described as an excellent mix of fun, puzzles, and creativity. This is because the premise of the game is nothing more than opening a book and completing each of its stories in the way we want. And despite the limited results of each puzzle, they allow you a high dose of inventiveness, being able to shape the story you want as long as it meets the objective of each riddle.

Charming puzzles with as many solutions as we can imagine

The operation of each puzzle is simple, receiving at the beginning of each challenge the title of the story and a small outline of its ending. After that, we simply have to shape the tale thanks to a number of blank panels and a selection of scenarios, characters, and themes. To start the narrative, simply drag each of these elements onto the panels and you will see how they immediately come to life. It is precisely here where Storyteller stands out from the rest of the games. And it is not only about having fun solving these intricate puzzles but also about smiling while watching your stories come to life.

At the moment, the game has 51 different stories to complete. These have a variable length ranging from a minimum of 3 panels to a maximum of 8. Although they are not particularly difficult, they do have high replayability, simply because you can alter each of the tales and see different results. Despite this, it is perfectly possible to complete the game in a total of 3 hours or less.

Hand-drawn graphics that come to life

One of the great attractions of Storyteller is undoubtedly its visual aspect. Behind its fun and caricatured sketched graphics lies the work of a lifetime, and this is evident. The game features a myriad of attractive backgrounds, protagonists, and carefully animated situations so that once we have decided the storyline of our little tale, we can see it in motion. This is where Storyteller's characteristic sense of humor comes into play. Thanks to its caricatured presentation and its countless combinations, we can create all kinds of funny animations that, although they may not be the solution to the puzzle, will bring a smile to our lips.

What does the free update of Storyteller bring?

Storyteller will offer its first major free update on September 26th. It will incorporate the following novelties:

  • Demon visits to each of the puzzles already completed, offering new titles and funny solutions
  • New challenges along with a collectible sticker system
  • A completely new chapter of the Genesis story
  • 4 new levels for previous chapters

Tales and riddles in an outstanding game

Storyteller is a fun puzzle game and mental challenges unlike anything you have played before. Both for its design and its original approach, it is a title that promises hours of fun even when you have finished all its levels. With cute hand-drawn graphics and perfectly animated, you can see how any situation you imagine will come to life on its panels. Although it is not the longest game in the world, we assure you that you will have a blast solving its original riddles.


  • Each puzzle has different solutions.
  • Create <b>humorous</b> stories.
  • Nice graphics with cartoons
  • Ideal for creative minds


  • For now, the game has few levels (51 stories).
  • Some stories only have 3 panels.
  • It can be completed in a few hours.

Also available in other platforms

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Storyteller for PC

  • Demo

  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.4


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